Zedo (Persian Gum), scientifically known as Amygdalus Scoparia, is a gum derived from the wild almond tree. This gum, known as “Gond-e-Farsi” or “Shirazi,” is available in yellow, white, and red colors. Unlike Arabic gum, it does not dissolve in water. When dissolved in water, it forms a gelatinous consistency. Zedo gum is available in various sizes and is classified as “Anbari” (large), “Joshi” (medium), and “Shakari” (small).

Properties of Zedo:

1. Zedo gum is used in various industries such as textiles, adhesives, papermaking, and food production.
1. In traditional medicine, this gum is used to stimulate appetite, crush bladder stones, and relieve toothaches.
1. In pharmaceuticals, Zedo gum is used as an emulsifier and suspending agent along with tragacanth gum and Arabic gum.
1. Due to its high anti-parasitic properties and affordable price, Persian Gum (Zedo) is used in the formulation of plant fertilizers, animal feed, and tablet manufacturing.


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