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Ethical standard

We, at Ayria Tejarat sharif Co., assure you that we fully adhere to ethical standards…


We take pride in our specialization in sourcing medicinal herbs and dried fruits…

main source

I am pleased to inform you that we are the primary supplier and purchase directly from farmers without any intermediaries…


I am pleased to inform you that our herbal and dried fruit products offer a wide variety…

Fast shipping and basic packaging

I am pleased to inform you that we have the best transportation and packaging systems in place for our products…

Quality and organic

I am delighted to inform you that the herbal products we offer are completely organic…

Special products


Ayria Tejarat Sharif Company is located in the south of Iran with a 25-year history of supplying medicinal plants and dried fruits.

In supplying medicinal plants, we pay attention to the customer’s request and at the beginning of production, we produce organic and first-class products according to the customer’s needs.

With experienced farmers and engineers specializing in agriculture, we offer the best products to our dear customers.

We are committed to deliver our products to our dear customers in the shortest possible time with the best quality.

We aim to have a stable and permanent business with the criteria of placing the customer and meeting his needs so that all dear people from every part of this earth can buy the desired products from our company without any worries.

We entrusted the advertising of the company to our dear customers.

The four basic principles of the company

  • 1. Supplying and producing the highest quality and organic product for the health of dear people in every part of this earth
  • 2.Supporting the dear farmers and producers of our beloved country, Iran
  • 3.Development and expansion of the company globally and internationally
  • 4. Using the best transportation system to speed up the delivery of goods

The slogan of the company,

the secret of progress is having honesty