Abolfazl Sharifi


Najibeh Karami

Commercial Manager


Ayria Tejarat Sharif Company is located in the south of Iran with a 25-year history of supplying medicinal plants and dried fruits.

In supplying medicinal plants, we pay attention to the customer’s request and at the beginning of production, we produce organic and first-class products according to the customer’s needs.

With experienced farmers and engineers specializing in agriculture, we offer the best products to our dear customers. We are committed to deliver our products to our dear customers in the shortest possible time with the best quality.

We aim to have a stable and permanent business with the criteria of placing the customer and meeting his needs so that all dear people from every part of this earth can buy the desired products from our company without any worries.

We entrusted the advertising of the company to our dear customers. The four basic principles of the company

  • 1. Supplying and producing the highest quality and organic product for the health of dear people in every part of this earth
  • 2.Supporting the dear farmers and producers of our beloved country, Iran
  • 3.Development and expansion of the company globally and internationally
  • 4. Using the best transportation system to speed up the delivery of goods

The slogan of the company,

the secret of progress is having honesty

Ethical standard


We, at Ayria Tejarat sharif Co., assure you that we fully adhere to ethical standards. This sets us apart from other providers and service providers, and we are committed to emphasizing transparency, respect for privacy, and ethics in all our interactions and actions.

In the process of delivering our products and services, we adhere to the following ethical principles:

1. Transparency: We operate with honesty and transparency in our communication with you. All information regarding products, pricing, and contractual terms will be provided to you in a complete and accurate manner. We also strive to communicate any possible changes or modifications to you whenever possible.

2. Respect for Privacy: We handle your personal information that you provide to us for service purposes with utmost respect and sensitivity. We only use this information for the intended purpose and never share it with other individuals.

3. Fairness and Justice: We adhere to principles of fairness and justice in all aspects of our business. We strive to serve all customers equally and without any discrimination. Additionally, any complaints or objections from you will be taken seriously and addressed.

4. Social Responsibility: We are committed to the importance of social responsibility in our business. We strive to contribute to the improvement of the community and the environment in all our activities and act as a responsible member in safeguarding public interests.

We take great pride in being recognized as a company with high ethical standards. If you have any further questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to collaborate with you.


Dear valued customer,

We take pride in our specialization in sourcing medicinal herbs and dried fruits. With years of experience and dedication in this industry, we are recognized as one of the leading providers of high-quality medicinal herbs and dried fruits.

Our team consists of skilled experts who have a deep understanding of which medicinal herbs and dried fruits possess the best therapeutic properties and flavors. With meticulous care and the use of professional techniques, we select and source products of the highest quality.

Furthermore, our expertise lies in identifying reliable and reputable sources for procuring medicinal herbs and dried fruits. We carefully adhere to international standards and prioritize sourcing from trustworthy and organically cultivated origins. This ensures that we deliver products of exceptional quality and purity to you.

We take pride in our specialization in sourcing medicinal herbs and dried fruits and assure you that by choosing our products, you will benefit from the best possible quality and properties.

Thank you for choosing our products and for the trust you place in us.


Dear valued customer,

I am pleased to inform you that our herbal and dried fruit products offer a wide variety. We take pride in presenting an extensive range of herbal plants and dried fruits to cater to all tastes and needs.

Among our herbal products, you can find a diverse selection of plants such as thyme, mint, ginger, pear, and many more. Each of these plants possesses unique medicinal properties and extraordinary flavors that can contribute to your well-being and tranquility.

Furthermore, in our dried fruit section, we offer a vast collection of dried fruits including apricots, plums, barberries, pineapples, and other fruits. These fruits, with their natural and delightful sweetness, make an excellent choice for healthy and energizing snacks.

We strive to provide you with a variety of products so that you can indulge in different flavors and benefits. Through our store, you can easily select the products that meet your needs and enjoy the taste and advantages of herbal plants and dried fruits.

Thank you for choosing our products and for the trust you place in us.

Quality and organic

Dear valued customer,

I am delighted to inform you that the herbal products we offer are completely organic. We engage in the cultivation and harvesting of these plants using biologically-based methods, without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Through the unwavering efforts of our agricultural team, the medicinal herbs thrive in a natural and optimal environment, free from any chemical contaminants. This harvesting approach enables us to provide high-quality products with natural flavors and aromas, while preserving the medicinal properties of the plants.

We prioritize environmental preservation and your health as our esteemed customers. Therefore, all our products are certified organic and fully comply with international organic standards.

You can confidently make purchases through our store, as your trust in us is of utmost importance. Additionally, we are always available to answer your questions regarding our products, cultivation methods, and other related inquiries.

Thank you for choosing our products and for the trust you place in us.

main source

Dear valued customer,

I am pleased to inform you that we are the primary supplier and purchase directly from farmers without any intermediaries. This allows us to guarantee the high quality and authenticity of our products while supporting the farmers.

By establishing direct relationships with farmers, we have precise knowledge of the cultivation and harvesting process of each plant. This enables us to be aware of the quality of seeds, growing conditions, and the use or non-use of chemicals. Consequently, we can provide you with organic and high-quality products.

Moreover, by eliminating intermediaries, we can offer you fairer prices while ensuring that farmers receive a higher share. This benefits both parties and contributes to the sustainability of farmers.

We take pride in being the direct and intermediary-free supplier, offering you quality and organic products. This guarantee ensures that you receive the best products while supporting the farmers.

Thank you for choosing our products and for the trust you place in us.

Fast shipping and basic packaging

Dear valued customer,

I am pleased to inform you that we have the best transportation and packaging systems in place for our products. This enables us to deliver products to you with the highest quality and safety standards.

In terms of transportation, we always strive to select the best methods in collaboration with partners who have the expertise and experience in this field. This includes using appropriate means of transportation and ensuring the proper conditions for temperature control and product preservation, so that they reach you in the best possible condition.

Furthermore, in our packaging system, we utilize the latest and finest packaging materials to protect our products against impact, moisture, light, and other external factors. We design packaging that guarantees the health and freshness of the products, ensuring that you receive them with peace of mind.

We take pride in providing you with products of high quality and safety through our best transportation and packaging systems.

Thank you for choosing our products and for the trust you place in us.

Our Team