ammoniacum, scientifically known as Dorema ammoniacum, is a plant from the Apiaceae family. Its resin is derived from the roots and stems of the plant. The resin naturally dries when exposed to air, either through insect bites or through scratches or cuts on the surface of the stem or root. This plant is native to India and Iran, and its harvesting season falls during the warm months from spring to late summer. Similar to other perennial umbellifers, Osha possesses unique properties. Its pleasant aroma is often blended with spikenard and used in the production of adhesives and cosmetics in French factories. Its growth regions include Iran, particularly the provinces of Fars, Kerman, and areas around Isfahan.

The benefits of Osha are as follows:

1. Osha resin, due to its content of volatile oil and resin, is utilized in the fragrance and adhesive industries.
2. The resin of this plant possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties.
3. In traditional medicine, this resin is used for digestive and skin problems.
4. Burning Osha resin produces a cool and soothing scent that creates a calming environment and dispels negative energy.
5. In some religions and beliefs, this resin is used in incense, believed to enhance sustenance and livelihood and ward off the evil eye.
6. In Khorasan, this resin is used for medicinal purposes.


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