Rose bud



Rose bud, scientifically known as Rosa Damascena, is a symbol of Iranian rose blossoms and belongs to the Rosa ceae family. This plant has thorny stems with flowering branches. The blooming of its flowers occurs between 30-20 degrees Celsius in each region.

Rose buds are used in various industries due to their soothing, anti-inflammatory, and fragrant properties.

1. They are commonly used in the perfume industry.
2.They are used in the pharmaceutical industry for their anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, and other properties.
3. In the cosmetics industry, they are used for producing shampoos, soaps, and skincare products.
4. Rose buds are used for dyeing fabrics and creating popular products in the textile industry.
5. In the food industry, they are used for making jams, jellies, juices, and as flavorings and fragrances.
6. Even in the printing industry, beautiful and unique images and patterns of rose buds are used on postcards.


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