Persian Golnar



Persian Golnar (Glanar) is the same pomegranate tree, with the difference that this tree is male and does not bear fruit. The branches of this tree, like the pomegranate tree, have blades and are covered with oval and pointed leaves.

Glanar tree is a spring tree that buds in May. These buds remain on the tree until the middle of June and are just like pomegranate buds, with the difference that they do not eventually turn into fruit. When these buds turn into flowers, they are collected and used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

1. Treatment of diarrhea, regulation of blood sugar, stopping bleeding from hemorrhoids, elimination of underarm odor, and treatment of bleeding.
2. Prevention of certain diseases.
3. It is rich in antioxidants, which, with regular consumption, strengthen the body’s immune system.
4. Prevention of premature aging.
5. Prevention of heart problems and excessive sweating..


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